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Performance, quality and product safety

Are there specific recommendations for the use of a BIC® lighter or BIC® utility lighter?

We recommend users to consult the user instructions specified on the lighter or on its packaging. For any additional questions, please contact us at the following address: click here.
Warning: BIC recommends extreme caution with respect to films and other documents presenting lighters that can be found on the Internet. BIC reminds you that handling lighters is dangerous.

How many times can you light a flame using a new BIC® Maxi lighter?

BIC® lighters offer a particularly high number of lights, for example, for the Bic maxi J6/J26, it can light 3,000 flames (link towards website pages). That is why we add the "2X plus" pictogram on our lighters. It indicates that a BIC® lighter lights twice the number of flames of rival flint lighters in the same format.

What does the ISO 994 standard mean? Are all BIC® lighters ISO certified?

The ISO 9994 norm defines the safety criteria of a lighter like the maximum height of the flame, resistance to high temperatures, extinguishing of the flame, etc.
All BIC® pocket lighters meet or exceed specifications of the ISO 9994 safety standard to satisfy consumers' quality and safety requirements.
In most European countries, this standard is mandatory so that lighters are presumed to be safe.

Does the BIC® Megalighter® have the same BIC safety standards as conventional lighters?

No there is a specific ISO standard for the utility lighter: ISO 22702. This standard certifies the quality of all utility lighters.

How many quality tests does a BIC® lighter undergo before being sold?

BIC® lighters are subjected to more than 50 quality tests before their market launch.

Why can it be claimed that BIC® lighters meet or exceed safety standards?

To meet quality, safety and performance standards, we have developed hi-tech equipment in our factories to ensure that BIC® pocket lighters are safe and reliable in normal conditions of use. In each of our plants, qualified employees at BIC®spend more than 25% of their time testing quality.

Are all BIC® pocket lighters fitted with a child resistance feature?

All BIC® pocket lighters meet and exceed the requirements of the European EN13869 safety requirement. In addition, all BIC® lighters sold in the European Union, North America and Oceania are fitted with a child resistance feature. BIC® however underlines that there is no such thing as a lighter that is 100% child-resistant, which means that nothing can replace appropriate supervision of a child by an adult. Consumers need to continue to ensure that lighters are kept out of children's reach, even those fitted with a "child safety feature".

Are all BIC® pocket lighters fitted with a child resistance feature?

Contact the communications department of BIC Clichy at the following address:

What do the pictograms on the front of the orange trays of 50 classic or décor BIC® lighters mean?

These ISO and EN pictograms correspond to quality and safety standards. For more information, click on the quality and safety tab on our website

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