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The products

What is a BIC® lighter case and where can it be bought?

The lighter case is an accessory used to protect the lighter. It usually has an original design and can be in metal or plastic. BIC has developed a range of lighter cases in various colours (to be discovered on our website) Lighter cases are sold in tobacconists or supermarkets.

In which countries are BIC® lighters made?

Lighters sold in Europe are made in France or in Spain.

How many BIC® pocket lighters are made per day in your factories?

5 million lighters are made every day in our factories.

Which country makes the BIC® utility lighter called the BIC® Megalighter®?

The BIC® Megalighter® is made in China. According to BIC quality criteria.

How many times can a Megalighter® be lit?

A Megalighter® can be used up to 750 times.

What are the different uses of a BIC® utility lighter?

The BIC® Megalighter can be used to light a chimney, candle, barbecue or a gas cooker.

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