The website

When are the forthcoming promotions?

Promotions appear in the dedicated page on our website which often indicates the list of winners when a competition is over.

Where can I find the calendar of forthcoming events on

It is necessary to consult the website frequently to find our regular promotions and competitions on our promotions page

Is it possible to sponsor our friends on your Facebook page?

Yes, it is possible to become a fan of certain BIC® lighter series on our website and join the "My BIC Lighter" community on Facebook.

I would like to be part of the lighter team. Who do I need to contact?

The human resources department, consult the BIC WORLD website (

Is it possible to buy BIC® lighters in the décor or classic range on your website?

No, as is not an e-commerce site.

Where can you find screen savers featuring the range of BIC® décor lighters?

You can find all free screen savers on the goodies page of our website.

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