Quality & Safety

Lighters Safety Standards

There are no compromises on lighter safety. That’s why safety is the n°1 priority for BIC.
International Standards have been established to improve worldwide consumer safety.
The most common is international ISO 9994 which defines safety specifications of a lighter such as maximum flame height, resistance to elevated temperatures, flame extinction, etc.

BIC Lighters meet or exceed ISO 9994 International Safety Standard to assure consumers quality and safety.
In most European countries, a child-resistant safety standard is mandatory.
A child-resistant lighter* is a lighter that has been purposely modified in order to make it more difficult to operate for children.
Of course All BIC® lighters sold in these countries are Child Resistant.

* A Child-resistant lighter is not a child proof lighter. A Child-resistant lighter is a lighter that at least 85% of children under the age of 51 months cannot operate. This means that up to 15% of children may still be able to operate such a lighter. Therefore, adults should always ensure that young children cannot get hold of lighters, even if they are Child-resistant.


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